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Little Shop of Horrors


     Seymore Krelborn isn't exactly what you call...average. he's just above being a bum, as when he was an orphan child, the owner of a flower shop, Gustav Mushnik (Mr. Mushnik to most) took him under his wing. But, Mr. Mushink's flower shop isn't exactly what you call a money maker. See, it's on a part of the town called "Skid Row", the place where the nobodies live. But, one day when Seymoure comes in to the shop with a strange an unusual plant, that he names Audrey 2 (the plant resembles a venus fly  trap) busniess starts to rapidly increase. With all this enw fame, Seymoure hopes to win over the love of his life, Audrey, his co-worker. But, there's one problem, Audrey is dating an abusive, drugatic, "Skid Row" dentist, named Orin. Orin tends to give himself the novacaine, instead of hsi customers. Well, one day whenSeymoure is at the shop, the plant Suddenly says "feed me". Well, Seymoure si then astonished, he has a talking plant. And Seymoure replies "But, i've got no blood left in my finger," (as, the plant lives off of human blood and flesh). Well, the plant then suggests that Seymoure go and kill Orin, taht way he gets something to eat, and Orin is out of the picture, and Seymoure is in. Well, Seymoure nervously agrees. When Seymoure goes in for an unscheduled dentist appointment, Orin goes insane and accidently overdoeses novacaine on himself, and drops dead in his office. So,  drags him back to the shop to feed the plant. While Seymoure is feeding the palnt, Mr. Mushnik walks by the shop and sees Seymoure feeding the plant Orin. Well, later on this comes back to Mushnik, as Mushnik is now questioning the price of fame as now, his main attraction is a human being eater, so when Mushnik confronts Seymoure about this, Seymoure reluctantly tricks Mushnik into standing in front of the plant, while, the plant chows down! Later on, when the fame is hitting it's peak..Seymoure realizes the plant must be stopped, as companies njow want the rights to make litte Audrey 2s to sell in stopres.."to think a flesh-eating plant in every household in Anmerica!" Well, one night, Audrey gets a call up from the shop. Sje goes over and finds out the call was made by the plant, who is preparing to eat her. the plant eventually gets a holf of Audrey and Audrey gets half eatebn when Seymoure comes to the rescue. but, Audrey exclaims it's to late, and that if she can give Seymoure one gift it's for him to live happy in fame and fortune and for that to happen he must feed her to the plant, so he reluctantly does. But, in the end, when Seymoure tries to destroy the plant because it has destroyed his life, his "fake father", and his love, the plant eventually eats Seymoure. Thus, leaving us on one note..."Don't feed the Plants"

The Characters:
Seymoure: A young man whose dreams suddenly start coming true when he finds a mysterious plant.
Audrey: A bleac-blonde woman, whom Seymoure is in love with, and whom she is beat by her abusive boyfriend, Orin.
Orin: A psychotic dentist, who abuses his girlfriend, Audrey, and is the plant's first victim.
Mr. Mushnik: The owner of the "Skid Row" flower shop and Seymoure's mentor.
Audrey 2: The notorious, man-eating plant, that destroys Seymoure's life.
Ronette, Crystal, Chiffon: Three, street urchins who host our show through a three part harmony of songs.