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How much do you know about your favorite Broadway shows? Well, below is a bunch of quizzes about Broadway, its shows, and shows to come! Just test your knowledge on them!
Here's how it works! You can either kep the answers in your head, or write them down on a seperate piece of paper. Now, you take the quizz and when you're done, click on the link at the end of it, which will send you to the page with the answers! Simple enough, right?! Well, good luck, and if you want everyone to know how good you did, well, then tell them in the guest book!

This week's quizz!
Rocky Horror Show
How much do you know about Rocky Horror?
1. What is the name of the young couple who got married in the beginning?
A. Susan Sarandon & Barry Bostwick
B. Janet Weiss & Brad Majors
C. Betty Monroe & Ralph Hapschatt
D. Carol Smith & Samuel Carter
2. What planet are the Transylvanians from?
A. Earth
B. Transylvania
C. Mars
D. Transexual
3. Who wrote Rocky Horror?
A. Richard O' Brian
B. Tim Curry
C. Brad Majors
D. Stephen Sondheim
4. What is the name of the machine used to turn Brad, Janet, Rocky, Columbia, & Dr. Scott into stone?
A. Sonic Transducer
B. Medusa Device
C. Stonetrifier
D. Caspanopha
5. Finish this quote: "Come up to the lab..."
A. "...Because I see you shiver with antici....Pation!"
B. "...And I'll remove the cause....But, Not the sympton!"
C. "...And see what's on the slab!"
D. "...Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!"
6. What character sings "Hot Patootie"?
A. Eddie
B. Meatloaf
C. Riff Raff
D. Tim Curry
7. Who is Eddie's uncle?
A. Dr. Frank N Furter
B. Riff Raff
C. Brad Majors
D. Dr. Everett Scott
8. Which of these movie cast members is deceased?
A. Tim Curry
B. Charles Gray
C. Patricia Quinn
D. Peter Hinwood
9. What year was the movie released in theaters?
A. 1975
B. 2001
C. 1977
D. 1989
10. What are the names of Dr Frank N Furters assistants?
A. Columbia & Brad
B. Riff Raff & Columbia
C. Magenta & Columbia
D. Riff Raff & Magenta
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