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Have you ever wondered where the best community theaters are? Well, if you have, here's the place to look! Just browse through the main theater sites below and read the information on upcomingshows and such too! <-- The best site to find out locations of NJ Theaters, their upcomign shows, and audition ifnormation! <-- One of the best, family oriented, high quality, community theaters in NJ, located in Eatontown at the Tower Market shopping plaza! Once On This Island Jr. is being preformed at the Eatontown Playhouse, with Under The Rainbow Productions. Febuary 14-29, 2004  Saturdays at 11AM and 3PM Sundays at 12 PM. For info on this or other productions call Debby or Mike Schwartz at 732-888-0339. Tickets or $15 for adults and $12 for students! Also come see And of The Son, and original playing all throughout the month of February. To find out more, click here,  

If you would liek your theater advertised here, send me an e-mail at Make sure to include the theater's website, location, some detail on  theater and its upcoming shows!