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Beauty and the Beast

Tale as Old as time... Beauty and the Beast


There once lived a prince with a heart of stone. One night, an, ugly, old woman came to the prince's casle, in need of shelter. But, because the woman was ugly, the prince pointed her out. Then, the old woman turned into a beautiful witch, and the prince begged for forgiveness, but it was too late. The witch cast a spell on the prince that he shall look like an ugly beast until he finds true love, but only before the last petal on an enchanted rose falls. Well, one day while traveling to an invention convention, Maurice, got lost in the woods. He found himself at the beast's castle and asked for shelter. But, the beast improsoned him. When Belle, Maurice's daughter, went out looking for him, she founded him at the castle, but the beast would not let the old man go, so Belle offered her handin imprisonment instead. When staying at the castle, Belle, met the beast's servants, Lumiere, Cogsworth, Mrs. potts, and many more. When the servants learn to show Belle to love the castle, she starts to try and help the beast, but, the ebast still restricts Belle from one corridor in the castle, as it is the corridor with the rose. But, when Belle disobeys the beast, she is then told to leave, but, Belle has fallen in love with the beast. All and all, in the end, Beast and belle fall in love, and the spell is broken and the servants are returned from there antique, household appliance modes, back to people again. And the witch's task has become...COMPLETE!

The Characters:
Belle: A young woman, who loves reading, has a kind heart, and finds herself falling in love with a Beast.
Beast: A prince who had a spell put on him that says he shall remain hideous until he finds true love.
Gaston: The town "stud," who is in love with Belle, and wants to kill the Beast.
Maurice: Belle's father, the bumbling inventor.
Lumiere: Beast's head butler, who remains a candlestick holder until the spell is broken.
Cogsworth: Beast's head of staff and righthand man, who remains a clock until the spell is broken.
Mrs. Potts: Beast's head maid, who remains a teapot until the spell is broken.

Chip: Mrs. potts son, who remains a teacup until the spell is broken.
Other Characters Include: Babette, Madame de la Grande Bouche, Lefou, Monsieur D'Arque, Silly Girl.