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The Lion King

Disney's The Lion King

Lions, baboons, and warthogs... Oh my!That's what you'll see in the Lion King. The Lion King is a story about a young lion cub named Simba, who is the son of the Lion King, Mufasa. Now, after going on adventures with Nala, Simba's childhood friend, and accompanied on these adventures by Zazu, Mufasa's royal adviser, on one adventure Simba and Nala find themselves in an elephant graveyard. When almost being killed by three hiyenas, Mufasa comes to the rescue. Little does Mufasa know that these three Hiyenas are workingfor his brother, Scar. Scar then, devises a plan to kill mufasa and Simba in a stampede, that way he will inherit the thrown. When Scar's plan succeeds, Mufasa is dead, and Simba is afraid that everyone will think he killed his father, so he runs away. Soon enough , Simba finds himself half dead in the jungle, before being saved by his new life-long companions, Timone and Pumba. Timone, the field mouse, and Pumba, the warthog, raise Simba to eat bugs and be carefree.But, when Simba is founded by his childhood friend, Nala, he discovers that Scar has destroyed the pridelands, eaten all the antelope, and enslaved the lions. It's up to Simba to save his mother, Zazu, and everyone else. When Simba follows Nala to the pridelands, he sneaks in and causes  battle of hiyenas and Scar vs. Simba, the rest of the lions, a wild baboon (Rafiki), Zazu, a warthog, a and field mouse. In the end, Simba has the Hiyenas turn on Scar, and his killed by his own army(Scar that is). The Lion king is full of an all-star cast and is one of Disney's most rememorable events. It's one safari you'll never forget.

Pride RockThe Jungle's Finest:

Simba-a fearless lion cub, who is the son of a king and doesn't realize it, but is on a quest to find himself.
Nala- Simba's childhood, lion, friend, and in the end, his wife
Zazu- Mufasa's royal, bird advisor
Mufasa- the "lion king" of the pridelands
Scar- Mufasa's evil, jealous brother, who wants Mufasa dead, so he can be king
Timone- a carefree field mouse, who loves bugs
Pumba- a warthog, who is carefree and loves bugs
Rafiki- a voodoo-doing baboon, who tries to help Simba find himself
Banzai,Ed, and Shenzi- three hiyenas who are Scar's right hand men (and woman-Shenzi).