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You're A Good Man Charlie Brown Quiz

You're A good Man Charlie Brown
How much do you know about the You're A Good Man Charlie Brown revival version?

1. In the show Snoopys favorite time of day is _____.
A) Naptime
B) Rabbit Chasing Time
C) Suppertime
D) When Schroeder Plays the Piano
2. What does Sally get on her coat hanger report?
A) A+
B) F
C) C
D) B
3. What is the Book Report mentioned in the song The Book Report?
A) Peter Rabbit
B) Three Little Pigs
C) Peter Cottontail
D) Cinderella
4. In T-E-A-M who drops the ball?
A) Sally
B) Lucy
C) Schroeder
D) Snoopy
5. When giving her report on the past, Sally does not know a lot about the topic because_______?
A) She Fell Asleep During Class
B) Her Newest Philosophy Told Her To Not Pay Attention
C) She Was Practicing For the Assembly
D) She Was Not There When It Happened
 6. What is Charlie Brown happy about in the beginning of Happiness?
A) The Little Redheaded Girl Nibbles Her Pencil, So She IS Human
B) He Finaly Kicked the Football
C) Linus Gave Up the Blanket
D) He Was Done With His Book Report
7. In T-E-A-M Linus caught flies from a ______ story window by holding his blanket beneath?
A) 4th
B) 3rd
C) 6th
D) 8th

8. In the song Snoopy, Snoopy gets mad because____?
A) The Birds Sit On His Stomach and Hurt Him
B) No One Ever Calls Him Sugarlips
C) Charlie Brown Forgot to Feed Him One More Time
D) His Roof Is About To Collapse
9. Who is Schroeder's favorite musician?
A) Motzart
B) Britney Spears
C) Beethoven
D) Christina Aguleria
10. In My Blanket and Me what does Linus do to show that he is becomming more independent?
A) Doesn't Take His Afternoon Nap
B) Teaches Everyone About Beethoven
C) Walks To School By Himself
D) Walks and Leaves His Blanket On the Floor
This quizz was sumbitted byt Paul V! If you ould like to sumbit a 10-15 question quizz. Then, send me the quizz and the answers to!  Thank You!
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