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Little Shop of Horrors Quizz

Little Shop of Horrors!
How much do you know about Little Shop of Horrors?
1. Where is Mr. Mushnik's flower shop located?
A. New York City
B. Skid Row
C. Somewhere Green
D. Chicago
2. What is Seymoure's last name?
A. Krellington
B. Bush
C. Krelborn
D. Mushnik
3. Where did Seymoure get "the plant" from?
A. A chinese man
B. It fell out of the sky
C. He bred it himself
D. Mushnik's flower shop
4. What 2 people played the "dentist loving patients" in the 2 Little Shop of Horrors movie?
A. Jack Nicholson and Steve Martin
B. Bill Murray and Dan Ackroyd
C. Rick Morranis and Steve Martin
D. Bill Murray and Jack Nicholson
5. What song is NOT featured in the 1986 musical movie?
A. Suddenly Seymoure
B. Don't Feed the Plants
C. Mean Green Mother
D. Suppertime
6. What song was added to the 1986 musical movie?
A. Don't Feed the Plants
B. Skid Row
C. Mean Green Mother
D. Mushnik and Son
7. Who played Audrey in the 1982 off-Beraodway cast?
A. Ellen Greene
B. Jackie Joseph
C. Rick Morranis
D. Audrey Hepburn
8. How did the dentist(Orin) die?
A. The plant ate him
B. Natural causes
C. Seymoure shot him
D. Novacaine and Laughing gas overdose
9. Finish this song phrase:
    "He took me in gave me..."
A. Shelter, a bed, crust of bread and a job
B. A bed and a job
C. Shelter, a crust of bread, bed and a job
D. Nothing
10. When did the new Broadway version come out?
A. 2004
B. 2003
C. 1982
D. There is no new Broadway version out


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