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Little orphan Annie, such a sweet, cunning, caring, sensitive child, born on October 28, 1922. Annie and her orphan friends Mollie, July, Pepper, Duffy, Kate, and Tessie, are among the few to be abused by the EVIL Miss Hannigan. But, one day, when Annie had just been caught fater running away and brought back to the orphanage, Grace farrel, private secretary to Oliver Warbucks, the billionare, comes to piick and orphan to spend a week at Warbucks's mansion. And who does she pick, none other than Annie. Now, Annie is just, at first, a distraction, just nothing. But, eventually after seeing her curiousity and how much she likes it at his house. He and his secretary agree to adopt her. But, Annie doesn't want to be adopted, she wants to find her real parents. So,Warbucks alerts Oresident Roosevelt and Annie and him go on the radio, on everyone's favorite station, Oxydent. Warbucks announces that Annie parents who can prove Annie is theirs, will not only get her, but a check for $50,000. Now, when Miss Hannigan and her evil, caniving brother Rooster and his new girlfriend Lily St. Regis here about this, they devise an evil plan to get this money and then ditch Annie. Well, Rooster and Lily pretend to be Annie's parents, and with the help of Miss Hannigan who has the other half of a silver locket that Annie wears, because her parents said when they returned, they would have the other half, the trio successfully get Annie. But, the orphans learned of Miss Hannigan's plan an immediately head to Warbucks's to tell him, but, by the time they get there, Annie and the dasterdly trio are GONE! In fact Annie gets rid of the money in the car ride and escapes. but, Rooster (who was driving the getaway car) chases her up a bridge. In the end, Rooster and Lily are arrested and Miss Hannigan, who tried to save Annie from her brother who wanted to kill Annie, getsd a 2nd chance. While, Warbucks, Grace, and Annie all live happily ever after and the orphans a better life.

The Characters:
Annie: An orpahn who dreams of a better life.
Oliver Warbucks: A rich billionare who is only interetsed in business.
Miss Hannigan: An abusive orpahnage runner.
Grace Farrel: Oliver Warbucks's private secretary.
Rooster Hannigan and Lily St. Regis: Two cunning, and caniving criminals, who are interested in becoming rich.
Sandy: An adorable dog, whom Annie found in a Hooverville.
Other Characters Include: Molly, Pepper, July, Duffy, Tessie, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Punjab, Bert Healey, The Boilin Sisters, Bundles McKloksy, the Dogcatcher, Lt. Ward, Mrs. Pugh, Mrs. Greer, Annette, Cecile, and Drake.