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Rocky Horror Show


Brad Majors & Janet Weiss are a young couple that ahs just gotten engaged and are on a night out to see an old teacher, Dr Scott. But, things start to go crazy when they get a flat tire, on this rainy night, in the middle of nowhere. Fortuneately for them (or so it would seem), they passed a castle a few miles back and decide to hike back there to get some help. What they find is a crazed bunch of aliens from a planet called Transexual in the galaxy of Transylvania! There's Dr Frank N Furter, a mad scientist, with the help of his handyman, Riff Raff, a domestic, Magenta, and a groupie, Columbia brings to life Rocky Horror, a human being whose sole prupose was originally "for relievein' my tension" (as Dr Frank N Furter says.) All happens in this crazy, twisted tale of Frankenstein. There's the appearance of Eddie, a crazed, rock 'n' roll obsessed motorcyclist. Dr. Frank N Furter's rival scientist, Dr Everette Scott. And more with the cult classic songs "Time Warp," "Hot Patootie," " Sweet Transvestite," and more! 

mad_scientist_head_thinking_md_wht.gif The Psychos:
Dr. Frank N Furter: A Scientist                     Riff Raff: A Handyman
Magenta: A Domestic                                    Brad Majors: A Hero
Janet Weiss: A Heroine                                 Columbia: A Groupie
Rocky Horror: A Creation                             Eddie: Ex-Delivery Boy
Dr. Everett Scott: A Rival Scientist                The Crminiologist: An Expert