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Broadway*Hits Broadway*! Here you can take polls, play games, and find out about you FAVORITE Broadway hits!!!

Hit of the Month:
A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum, si the comical story about a boy, a man, two servant, a tradesman, two sets of parents, and an idiotic woman who all are caught up in one, hetcic diabocal.

There are many great Broadway stars of our time and our past time. This site is now going to honor those people in the B*Way Star of the Week dedciation page. This week's and the very first B*Way actor to be honored is the one, the only, ANTHONY RAPP! To find out more about him, click the B*Way actor link at the top of the page or, below.

Anthony Rapp

How much do you know about your favorite Broadway shows. Take the new quizz challenges. Every week there will be a new quizz! This week's new quizz is about the "Rocky Horror Show". So, prove to all of us you know your Broadway. Just click the link below and go!


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